Re-Pipe your Home

  If you live in an older home, chances are that underneath your home’s charm and character lies the harsh reality of galvanized steel pipes. At SCS, repiping your home with new, superior pipes is our specialty. Let us re-pipe your home with cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes, which are now more affordable than ever.  


The Benefits of PEX Re-Piping

  You might not even know what’s lurking behind your walls and the damage that your old pipes can cause your home. Here are some of the important benefits you will get from replacing your old galvanized steel pipes with new and improved PEX pipes: 



· Avoid leaks, corrosion and low water pressure 

· Color-coded pipes for self-repairs 

· Less expensive than steel and copper 

· More affordable and easier to install 

· Much less likely to burst 

· Resists chlorine and scale 

· Won’t lose heat like copper piping