Quick & Easy Pipe Repair

The SCS point repair is a trenchless, structural rehabilitation solution for pipes 3 to 60 inches in diameter. Our point repair system gives us a short cure time so we can repair the cracked or broken pipe in no time at all. The SCS point repair system is the ideal cost-effective, environmentally friendly CIPP point or sectional repair solution for all sewer and storm water pipes having a circular or oval cross section, and it has a 50 year service life.



Point repair is an appropriate solution for a wide variety of issues seen in different types of pipes. It can be used in conjunction with our SCS coating process.

It can also replace missing sections of pipe, repair 90 degree bends, bridge transitions or add extensions to a culvert.


Easily Extends The Life of Damaged Pipes

The system is compatible with a wide range of host pipe materials including concrete, reinforced concrete, vitrified clay, PVC, corrugated metal, cast iron and many more! Point repair is the most cost effective way to repair sections of pipe!