Pipe Coating

Pipe Coating is the best option for your pipe repair needs.


Take advantage of the newest technology and have pipes internally or externally coated! We are able to offer internal pipe coating as large as 36 inches down to a 2 inch pipe. We take pride in our work and we understand the need for more cost effective alternatives for pipe repair. Save money and time on your project, but most importantly, upon completion every project is inspected by one of our NACE Level 3 Inspectors. You can rest assure your job is done right!

How it Works:


We send a certified trenchless technology expert to your location to camera inspect your broken pipe and supply you with a written diagnostic. They will  advise you regarding the best technology option available for your given situation.

Internal Pipe Coating


Our internal pipe coating process uses a state-of-the-art trenchless technology internal spray machine. It will clean & coat the pipe internally by entering through a clean out. The SCS System is able to slide through the pipe, maneuver around 90 degree turns and through offsets. After everything has been cleaned and inspected we are able to spray the interior of the pipe with 100% polyurea. The SCS System will coat from 100 mils - 300 mils in one pass.

Pipe Coating vs Pipe Lining


Pipe Coating Vs Pipe Lining

Which trenchless technology process is better? There are many pro's and con's to both sides. Here are a few advantages pipe coating offers which pipe lining cannot!

  1. Pipe Coating has no risk of miss measurment or stretching. 
  2. Pipe lining is prone to having collapsed liners.
  3. Pipe Coating has no risk of blocking laterals or other pipes.
  4. With Pipe Coating, no need for expensive reinstatement cutters.
  5. Pipe Coating can be applied internally and externally 

There is no comparison!