Grease Trap Repair


Refurbish Your Grease Trap

Using the highest grade epoxy, a certified Installer comes to your location to custom build a new structure inside your broken grease trap. It does not matter if there are holes or corrosion! The new structure functions at the same dimensions of the preexisting grease trap and operates as good as new.The structure is corrosion and chemical resistant, so strong it comes with a 20 year warranty! This newly sealed tank can be rebuilt without having to jackhammer, dig and replace. Our coating method allows you to pay less than replacing your grease trap and keeps your business open during our quick service.

P-Trap Coating


Broken P-Trap?

The cast iron in P-Traps for floor sinks and floor drains rot out due to soda or alcohol. A certified technician will complete the repair process, no matter how corroded or rotted away.

Why Replace? Renew!

5 Year warranty included

No digging or jackhammering

More cost effective than replacing

Quiet and fast process, stay open for business during repairs

Seals holes, cracks, and corrosion